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Megellen ME12

Megellen ME12

Megellen, gourdon harbour, storm, feb 2008

    nice looking boat ive just orderd a 6.2 what size of hauler have you on that one i was going to just pup my 5.5 hp on it off the old boat
    Cheers, yeah your 5.5hp will be fine  ;)
    I changed mine to a 6.5hp , but had a 5.5hp for a few years before that, it was fine, but I have a big hauler ( 13" sheaves ) and fancied a bit more power ! lol  6.5hp was the biggest I could go as any bigger had a different shaft size.
    Sure you will be pleased with you new boat !  :o
    cheers for that  ;) the boat wont be ready till the summer but should be worth waiting for what size of engines have you on yours
    I have twin 50hp Hondas' , suit her fine, 22 knots flat out. Not too much power as some might think, if one using one engine she does struggle a bit and can't plain. She is on her third set of engines now, hopefully change them next year again, if the shellfish prices pick up a bit ! ;)   If might have to be Yamahas' the next time as the local dealer has stopped selling hondas'  :o
    the boat i have now is a dory its got a johnson 70 i was thinking about putting that on the new one but is the prices pick up and the weather settles might  try and get 2 50s found a place selling 50s for 4k each  ;) have you got self shoot
    Yeah, I would say go for 2 engines if you can, I know there are quite a few with one big engine only, but IMO they don't steer or handle very well compared to two, plus you have the safety aspect with the two . I have broken cables a couple of times and managed to work away with the one engine for a few days.  :o  I haven't got self shooting no....I don't have the space really, only thing I could do is put on a table, but for 36" creels, even that would be tight for space. I fancy a bigger cheetah in the future , not a 7.9m model, they are not much bigger to be honest, but the 10 meter version can be shortned down to 7.9m , might need to wait another 30 years or so though  ;)   :o  they are not cheap...
    aye thets for sure they no cheep at all  :o im only working prawn creels for the velvets and a few bigger soft eyes of the odd lobster just needed somthing bit bigger and with a wheelhouse ;) gets a bit cold and wet without one cheers for your help always better to ask when going into the unknown :o

    Nov 10 2008 10:28 AM
    was ur boat safe there Fastcat in that weather?
    No Probs Rebel Lady, will keep an eye out on cheetah's site for your new boat  :o
    ps, don't buy a red one ! too much hard work to keep from turning pink ! :o  :o

    Keep it there all year round Jordan, safe enough................. ish  :o
    aye cheers fastcat is going to be a plain yellow one for me few extra pennies for a dif colour. you never know mite be famous on the cheetah site lol :o