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And here it is, joined up by smart daughter

The year is 1980 - Tarbert Seafood Festival
Village Maid II with Willie (the Count) Jackson at the helm storms towards the camera (me on Margaret Alison), with Catherine Anne (Big Douglas driving)  in hot pursuit

Meanwhile, ehre it is in two bits!

    Aug 06 2009 12:11 AM
    great photo the maid was one of my favorites :police:
    Hi Jay

    And as Eric used to say to Ernie "you can hardly see the join"  :police:

    Great photograph - history captured forever.


    Steve E.

    young ronnie
    Aug 06 2009 01:19 PM
    This must be the  short fat hairy leg of the race then Steve? :police:
    :police:  Superb work Jay , please congratulate your daughter. wonderful picture . O0

    Jay Cresswell
    Aug 06 2009 02:02 PM
    Thanks Mackem ... I will let her know
    It was a five-minute job last night!
    It's a favourite image of mine and may well still reside in at least one of the Jackson households to this day
    I've a couple or three thousand images, most of which are not properly archived and very, very few are scanned in
    I keep telling myself that I ought to do something about it!
    But I have so far failed to listen
    Oh deary me
    Brilliant shot