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meander sn.5

meander sn.5

north shields

    Looks a tidy boat - anyone know what happened to her?


    Steve E.

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    this belonged to harry sabbiston in the eighties he used her for angling parties she was a well kept boat

    young ronnie
    Aug 01 2009 11:34 PM
    Would that be the same Harry Sabbithon who was the Dunbar lifeboat engineer back in the 60s Terry? He was a carpenter to trade,and a damn good one too, if memory serves.Havenae heard anything about him for years.
    dont no if its the same harry that u r on about ronnie but the harry that mo is refering 2 has been past away for about 10 years now
    i dont know if it is the same one ronnie but he was a good carpenter after he left the fishing he went to work for the waterboard on the small boat they had.as far as i know he has always been in shields. cheers kevin i didnt realise it was 10 years.

    young ronnie
    Aug 02 2009 11:10 AM
    Thanks for the info gents,might or might not be the same man.Harry didnae stay that long in Dunbar before he moved back South again. Him and his wife lodged with my grandfather for a wee while when they first arrived,and it's vaguely in the back of my mind that his missus was called June Rose,but I'm maybe getting mixed up there.He was a cracking good carpenter right enough,bought a wee creel boat called the Sally Forth and did her up,made a beautiful job of her too, and a very cheery man what I mind of him.Great how a name from the distant past suddenly pops up out of nowhere and jogs the memory :cheers:lads!
    its the same harry sabiston  ronny av just asked davey shiel and he confirmed wot u thought

    young ronnie
    Aug 02 2009 04:04 PM
    Thanks Kevin,sometimes when you're going back 40 odd years and trying to remember things that happened and folk you knew when you were a  teenager,you find that no everything is as clear as you first thought it was :police: It wouldnae be the first time that I've got raivelt...and nae doot it winna be the last either lol