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selling fish old style

selling fish old style

old team

    johntar tt10
    Aug 02 2009 03:10 PM
    That Donnie Sinclair 3rd from the left James?
    thats yer man jt alec makay selling think it might be bobby hawthorns father to left

    johntar tt10
    Aug 02 2009 05:08 PM
    Whose the fella behind the guy in the trench coat James, know the face but cannae put a name on him.
    thats gout behind donnie canna place him maybe dowler will being a bit older
    Think the guy on far left is Dugald Mhor don't know the fellow behind Alec McKay face seems familiar but can't place him.

    johntar tt10
    Aug 02 2009 07:26 PM
    Looks like Ian McKinnon, but would he be with Ross on the Dalriada at that time?
    i think that phota john might be before dalriadas time il find out in the mornin
    Donnie Sinclair & Malcolm ( GOUT) Mc Kinnon Croan's Buyer the only two I know
    I notice the boxes James Mc Millan Stranraer who used to buy herring in Ayr in the back ground