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Village Belle IV ... partner to the Jackson family's Village Maid II ... at Tarbert Seafood Festival late 1970s.
Neil was just as particular about the appearance of the Belle as The Count was of the Maid
Two fine Alex Noble boats, of which the Maid is no more

    She looks well in this photo.  Just had a paint up by the looks of her. What size is the Belle?  I would imagine she was a bit longer than the Maid?

    Jay Cresswell
    Jul 21 2009 12:08 PM
    The Maid was delivered in 1961, was 58ft overall and had a 152hp 8L3 Gardner in her at the start
    The Belle followed in 1970, was 60ft overall but a bigger bodied boat in all sorts of ways. Fitted with a T8 Kelvin
    think she ended up at the bottom of loch nevis, after she was decommissioned

    Adoration II
    Jul 21 2009 07:12 PM
    thats wicked

    Jay Cresswell
    Jul 21 2009 07:22 PM
    More dignified than being smashed up by a JCB, which is what happened to the Huntress on the shores of Loch Ryan
    Question: Did anyone take pix of the Maid's final journey?

    Adoration II
    Jul 21 2009 08:36 PM
    suppose ur right jay i had chrsolyte before she went 2 get smashed up didnt want 2 take her 2 ireland and watch it so someone else took her

    Jay Cresswell
    Jul 21 2009 08:53 PM
    was that the BA121 Chrysolyte?
    if so, I recall her

    Adoration II
    Jul 21 2009 09:00 PM
    sy 131 i think cant mind right buddy i ran her 4 tony kenning

    Adoration II
    Jul 21 2009 09:03 PM
    sorry it was sy388

    Jay Cresswell
    Jul 21 2009 09:14 PM
    What year was she decommissioned and who built her?