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No Spitting

No Spitting

This sign in North Shields Fish Market mad me smile - especially the No Spitting part!

I can still remember the public buses down here on Tyneside having signs upstairs saying NO STANDING and NO SPITTING.

As the Album says - Funny and not so funny!

    ive still got a picture somewhere  of the sign on the wall outside the womens toilets saying    no fish boxes someone in the council had a sense of humor     :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
    Hi Terry

    Yes that was a classic for those of a certain age  :D

    Of course there is still a shop in NS called FISH BOXES and guess what, it sells fish!

    Just been down to NS to see the Rig come in with a couple of handy Anchor Handlers.


    Steve E
    and I remember when some bright spark stuck a 'y' at the end of fish on the sign as well

    the above sign might well have just been there in case my ex dropped by
    no bidding steve