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Gairsay Sound - Ex Aurora SH67

Gairsay Sound - Ex Aurora SH67

Gairsay Sound (Ex Aurora SH67) seen entering the Port of Tyne (North East England) on 19th July 2009. Photographed from Tynemouth Lifeboat Station.

Former Aurora she subsequently became a Salmon Farm Workboat.

# Hull material code :  2 - Metal
# Year of Construction :  1985
# Place of Construction :  HULL
# LOA :  10.15
# Tonnage GT :  9.55 T

Former Name: SH67   SEA FISHER

    Hi steve , she came from Kirkwall , any idea how it got down there ? Engine is 4cyl ford   :D
    Hi cookie1

    This was the first time I had seen this boat in the Tyne and at first thought that perhaps she was making her maiden entrance into the river - however all of the information on the Web suggested that perhaps she came down to Tyneside some time last year.

    No idea how she got down here - back of a wagon I would guess as its a canny hike from Kirkwall - 295 miles or so?


    Steve E.
    Think it was here short ago , never noticed it had gone ! sound wee boat really .

    Concrete Water
    Sep 14 2009 08:28 PM
    Hello Chaps

    I'm just about to text the skipper to let him know he's famous so I'll let him give you the full story if he's not too shy.
    I know how much these boat types hate talking about there adventures so I'll just say it didn't come down on a wagon and 295 miles seems a bit mean, I know you zigzag a bit but it's nearer 400 by road (including a bit of ferry near the end)!

    BTW these shots ain't the maiden voyage as he brought it in single handed, it wasn't exactly sunny and there's no sign of the MZ!