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what are these ??

what are these ??

A wee blast from the past here and a coakynut on offer to the first one under 30 to come up with the answer(withoot getting help fae the auld lads!)Found them hidden away up at the back of the garage under a pile of junk,must date from around the mid to late 70s somewhere.

    We used to used Chalk dust, or French chalk dust as well to get the belt to grip.  On the other hand a glob of grease on the under side of the winch pulley , when it wasn't running, created all kinds of mischief when you went to engage the belt.Always better on some other poor F*****'s boat. :whistle: :whistle: O0
    aye ronnie you are right there,still the old75hp kelvin had a hand pump so wasna to bad??? BELTS always went when you were in a hurry,never on a bonny day either,seen some ways to get them to grip but always went back to the old kelvin oil,Always plenty rants and B......S when things went wrong ie belt wasna cut straight, whoever thought of hydraulics should get the coconut !!!!!!!!

    Aug 28 2009 10:59 AM
    a stanley knife qw?-what kinda bloody yacht did you`s have?-all we had was gutting knives to cut belts. O0
    hens teeth

    young ronnie
    Aug 28 2009 02:14 PM
    My internet was doon last night QW so I didnae see yer comment..but ye're surely back on top form again..ah ken that wis only a wee mini rant there but a guid yin though! Maybe we should have explained for the benefit of the lads that havenae used belts that the heavy rod was put in first when you were hammering the teeth into the belt to keep them lined up,and the light rod was used to lace the two sets of teeth together..we'll draw a line under the efffing and blinding that went on between the time the belt broke and the time it was put back on again!!!