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Weatherhead-built ringer Shemaron locking out at Ardrishaig  late 70s. Then mostly scalloping/trawling but still carried her ring-net winch

    She still had the old Kelvin engine at this point as well.
    we have not had any problems with the handling so far but it has been pretty calm , full tanks will help bring her down a bit , but with the less than frugal cat a short lived help . As discussed before the original kelvin would have been heavier than the cat could it have been half a ton more ? At the moment shemaron is in the crinan basin and we will be bringing her back to tarbert next weekend for more work ,

    Jay Cresswell
    Jul 13 2009 10:37 AM
    Cheers Chris
    Yes, Cats are rather greedy beasts when they're 250bhp
    I seem to recall that's what Shemaron currently has
    It's good to see a large ringer being given some TLC
    Keep up the good work

    Will taylor
    Aug 03 2012 07:21 PM
    Fantastic photie. Great for modelling texture.