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HNOMS Otra - M351

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HNOMS Otra - M351

HNOMS Otra (M351) as part of NATO's Standing Mine Countermeasures Force Group 1 (SNMCMG1) making a courtesy visit with BNS Godetia, HMS Brocklesby and FGS Bad Bevensen to Newcastle Upon Tyne, entering Port of Tyne, 4th May 2007. Photographed from North Shields Fishquay.

The NATO Group is carrying out an extensive fourteen-week mine clearance operation in the waters of Belgium, the Netherlands, the U.K., Latvia, Estonia and France.

This information comes courtesy of Bjarne (bjapette)

"HNoMS Otra is a minesweeper of the Alta class.

The Norwegian Navy operates two types of MCM (minecountermeasures) vessels the Oksøy and Alta class.

The Oksøy class are minehunters, and they differ from minesweepers in as much as they hunt for mines with a sonar and dispose of the with an ROV(remotely operated vehicle - mini sub) or with mineclearance divers.

The Alta class are as stated minesweepers and dispose of mines with either mechanical systems (cutting cables etc) or by "tricking" mines to trigger by spoofing their sensors.

Common for both types are that they were built by what was then Kværner Mandal.

The designtype is SES (Surface effect ship), which work by having a catamaran with the "hole" between the hulls plugged with rubber skirts or bags and blowing air in this space.

This gives the ship (while on "cushion") a smaller draught and a better survivability when it comes to mine detonations. it also reduces drag.

Her propulsion system consists of two waterjet which are controlled by a "light" variant of the DP (dynamic positioning) system used by offshore vessels.

The Norwegian navy is now building FPB's (fast patrol boats) after the same designlines. These will be extremely fast og powerful for their size."