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supper O

supper O

nice bit o beefwellington was a treat

Vessel Name ocean harvest
Port Registry peterhead

    All eyes on the meal - your photographs fully illustrates that 'hungry feeling'  :D


    Steve E.
    Hi Lems do you work with Alan Dennison?

    Stevie Stem Shots
    Jul 02 2009 02:14 PM
    Looks awfy goooood boys!!  :D
    alan is on the other boat,he is sum guy

    Jul 02 2009 05:52 PM
    Hi Lems198, what boat is alan dennison on now?  i was at college with him and have lost contact with him.  Needing to see fit like he is
    Some guy alright! does he still like a good sleep?
    mind seeing a video of him on the arkh angel "painting" in the engine room roller in one hand flat out on the plates zzzzzzzzzzzz!!
    ferrydenner,fit like alan is aboard the harvester i will post a pic of him on here
    scania,aye he likes a nap rite enough fine guy though

    Jul 03 2009 08:18 AM
    cheers for letting us know, ah the best, short drags and big bags!