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me and big hoss

me and big hoss

    Hi Sandy

    Just as well you are in the small boat then  O0


    Steve E.
    haha aye he doesnt fancy that one for some reason,lol,says he needs all the room t stow all his fish,aye right,haha

    Jun 25 2009 09:24 PM
    u wont take much prawns with that one sandy O0
    hello barra,,,you been out on at speed boat yet wull came along side us fan we was steamin off and asked if we wanted a sail we said f right off,i thing was never in the water,a said t yer bro now ats a thrill,,,haha,at size o engine on a little thing like at na na ats a fact was wonderin thou maybe a prawn on the end of the line might do a trick,a secret weapon,,,,couldna be no worse than some of the flies av tried on a doore day,lol

    Jun 25 2009 09:59 PM
    went out in the boat today 4 a few hauls bud ended up catching a few rays in sandhaven we were at gamrie n pennen at the weekend my own boat should be ready real soon just rigged up the controles this week so nearly there
    She looks down by the heid there, is that the weight of fish or the dumper truck?
    I've just spotted the piece bag!