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Sovereign BF 380

Sovereign BF 380

Still intact after running aground 18th December 2005. A credit to her builders.

    Hi Ally

    Yes you would have thought the seas would have broken her up by now  O0

    This is what the MCA had to say in their report on the accident:

    Completed PE Summary


    Date of accident: 18/12/05

    Just after midnight, the UK flagged fishing vessel Sovereign grounded close to Cairnbulg Briggs light beacon, east of Fraserburgh. Sovereign was holed in several compartments and was unable to be salvaged: she was later declared a constructive total loss. There were no injuries and only minor pollution.

    Action taken
    The Chief Inspector wrote to:

        * the owner and skipper of the vessel, reminding them of the need to:

       1. improve bridge watchkeeping practices, especially in respect of lookout and basic navigational procedures;
       2. ensure that watchkeepers are not distracted by using mobile phones in the wheel house.

        * the Northern Lighthouse Board, advising that it considers the characteristics and intensity of Cairnbulg Briggs light beacon to ensure that it is fit for its intended purpose.

    She was Aberdeen built - John Lewis & Sons Ltd @ Torry Shipyard.


    Steve E
    if u was to see the other side o her she is minced. ill go out sum time we my camera and take a photo the whole deck is nearly away i was aboard her a year after the incident couldnt get down into cabbins as the nets was up throo the side deck and down into the cabbins did manage into the engine room couldnt see much we my lighter lyk.
    Just been looking on Google Earth to see if you can get a satellite view - no good though as the area is under cloud cover unless I missed her?


    Steve E.
    ill go out imorn and take a photo. ill check fit time the tide is oot as i will get a beter photo.