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Ocean Prima

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Ocean Prima

Ocean Prima seen here outbound from the Port of Tees (North East England) headed for Dunkirk on 22nd May 2007. Photographed from South Gare.

Vessel's previous name: OCEAN PEARL  

Type of vessel: LPG Tanker
Type of hull: Double Side  

Registered owner: Deiulemar Navigazione - Italy
Technical operator: Schulte Shipmangement-UK - North Shields

Date Delivered: January 05, 2007  

LOA (Length Over All): 95.5 Metres
Extreme breadth: 15.5 Metres
KTM (Keel to Masthead): 31 Metres
BCM (Bow to Center Manifold): 58.5 Metres
Lightship parallel body length: 42 Metres
Normal ballast parallel body length: 48 Metres
Parallel body length at Summer DWT: 54 Metres
Net Tonnage: 1148  
Gross Tonnage: 3827  
Suez Net Tonnage: 3220

1 oil engine with clutches, flexible couplings & single reduction geared to screw shaft driving 1 CP propeller at 145 rpm
Total Power: Mcr 2,380kW (3,236hp), Csr 2,023kW (2,750hp)
Service Speed: 14.30kts
Design: MAN-B&W, Engine Builder: MAN B&W Diesel A/S, Alpha Diesel - Frederikshavn
1 x 7L27/38, 4 Stroke, Single Acting, In-Line (Vertical)
7 Cy. 270 x 380, Mcr: 2380 kW (3236 hp) at 800 rpm