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Bro Genius seen here entering Port of Tees (North East England) on 22nd May 2007. Headed for a berth at North Tess No2 Jetty. Photograph take from South Gare.

Type of vessel: Oil and chemical Tanker  

Registered owner: Rederij Bro Genius
Hogelandsterweg 14,NL-9936 BHFarmsum,Delfzijl,The Netherlands  
Technical operator: Marin Ship Management Holland B.V Hogelandsterweg 14, NL - 9936 BH Farmsum, P O Box 121, NL- 9930 AC Delfzijl The Netherlands
Commercial operator: Brostrm Tankers AB SE 403 30 Gteborg,Sweden

Built : Scheepswerf Ferus Smit b.v Netherlands
Date Delivered: July 01, 2003  

Class notation: I 3/3 +Oil and chemical tanker IMO III ESP.Deep sea +Mach,+Aut-msICE 1B SBT  

LOA (Length Over All): 114.66 Metres
Extreme breadth: 15 Metres
KTM (Keel to Masthead): 27.85 Metres
BCM (Bow to Center Manifold): 67 Metres
Lightship parallel body length: 47 Metres
Normal ballast parallel body length: 59 Metres
Parallel body length at Summer DWT: 80 Metres
Net Tonnage: 2136  
Gross Tonnage: 4107

Nationality of Master Netherlands    
Nationality of Officers: Dutch/Russian  
Nationality of Crew: Filipino