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stirling elf

stirling elf

    i think this was the johnshaven before it became the grampian otter
    im not sure think your correct , i was on her 3 trips fine boat first command very manouverable
    Hi Terry

    Yes you are correct:

    1983-00 Stirling Elf
    1988-00 Johnshaven
    1990-00 GRAMPIAN OTTER


    Steve E.
    thanks steve
    they are nice ships mingo i was mate on the venture in 1996 . if i remember right there was 5. otter, venture, haven,
    sprite and falcon and they all seem to have been well looked after.
    yes thats correct terry they r all still on the go , they even fitted a daughter craft on to the otter .
    when did you leave the company ? or you still there
    left in 2000 after spending two and a half years as chief mate /dpo on the frontier.
    i see ok , ive never had a look inside frontier i would like to see her i heard nice ship inside plenty room .