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HMS Bulwark - L15

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HMS Bulwark - L15

HMS Bulwark - L15 seen here at Corporation Quay, Sunderland (North East England) on 3rd June 2007 whilst making a courtesy visit. Photographed from the North side of the River Wear.

Courtesy of the Royal Navy web site @

HMS Bulwark, the second of a new class of assault ships, was launched at the BAE Systems shipyard at Barrow-in-Furness on 15 November 2001.  The seventh ship to carry the name, she was named by Lady Walker, the wife of General Sir Michael Walker.

Displacement: 18,500 tonnes
Docked down: 21,500 tonnes (approx)
Length: 176m
Beam: 25.6 m waterline, 28.9 metres max
Draught: 7.1 metres
Speed: 18 knots, range of 7000 nm.
Complement: 325
Sensors: 2 x Kelvin Hughes 1007 Radars Type 966 Surveillance Radar
Armament: 2 x Goalkeeper Close In Weapon System (CIWS), Seagnat Decoy System UAT Electronic Warfare System, 2 x 20mm close range guns 4 x Machine Gun positions
Propulsion 2 x 6.25MW & 2 x 1.56MW diesel generators driving two AC motors through twin shafts and a bowthrust unit, all operating at 6.6KV. RNs first integrated Full Electric propulsion ships.

Military Lift: Embarked Military Personnel (EMF) 305 troops, with an overload of a further 405. Vehicle deck capacity for up to six tanks or around 30 armoured all-terrain tracked carriers. Floodable well dock, with the capacity to take either four utility landing craft (each capable of carrying a Challenger 2 tank) or shelter a hovercraft landing craft. Four smaller landing craft on davits, each capable of carrying 35 troops.

Two-spot 64m flight deck able to take medium support helicopters and stow a third. Deck is capable of taking a Chinook. The Albion design does not have a hangar but does have equipment needed to support aircraft operations.