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back where it belongs!

    pass the sick bucket   O0
    awa and eat ur tatties!!! O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0

    young ronnie
    May 24 2009 06:57 PM
    It's aye the same...a feast or a famine O0
    the forecast for parkhead ths week is its gonna be a famine!
    Glad to see some members having good luck  O0


    Steve E.

    homeward bound
    May 24 2009 07:07 PM
    wee barry a fine ambassador for scottish  fitba !!!!
    brilliant captain for rangers,does 1 stupid thing and get's slated! bloody brilliant 2 see him liftn the cup 2day O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0
    Not the same player he was when the wee General was at Ibrox,never reached the heights second time round and time for a change

    Adoration II
    May 24 2009 07:16 PM
    wee r the people O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0
    he carried the team 2 years ago by himself...got injured..played wi the injury..and he still gets slated!!! bazza is the man O0 O0  strachan has just resigned O0 O0