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A present for Mrs.Y R

A present for Mrs.Y R

Here we have the ultimate gift for the woman who has everything.So much for Robi buying Mrs.R a new engine,a plotter and a colour sounder...ye just havenae got a clue Mr.R have ye? If you had bought her a nice wee barra like this she would have been far happier I can assure you.


    am I a thoughtful and loving husband or what?

    I have to say I think you're a "what" Ronnie, certainly no loving or thoughtful wi that pressie  O0   As for the piles, that's too much information  :)

    young ronnie
    Feb 26 2010 02:00 PM
    That's how the wee deaf wumman had 15 Kids..every night her man would ask her if she wanted to go to sleep or what...and she always said "what?"