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    bryan DE127
    May 18 2009 05:35 PM
    Another Gerrard early 60s build same owner all her days very well looked after boat decomed Arbroath.

    Captain v.E.
    May 18 2009 07:06 PM
    Wasn't there an attempt to get the Signal Tower museum to take her, rather than being cut up, Bryan? Seems to ring a vague bell...........

    bryan DE127
    May 18 2009 07:42 PM
    Yes thats right with her been built an owned in Arbroath it was hoped to get her as a display of the fishing of Arbroath but health and safety was not for it.
    What actually happened was Angus Council would not take on Scottish Boatowners harbour insurance.
    The premium was 80.
    They insisted on having her insured with the company they used for their other property and that company wanted a surveyor flown up from Southampton to place a valuation on the boat.

    The surveying company in Southampton said they would send a surveyor up sometime in March (this was January)
    I said she has to be either signed over to the council or scrapped by Jan 31st or I loose my decommissioning money.
    I told the council, if you decide not to go ahead after she has been surveyed you can scrap the boat and sell off the engine, hydraulics,electonics etc and still make a few thousand out of it, but they would still not sign the papers.

    In the end I ran out of time and had to call in the chainsaws. Mckays charged me 7,000 to break her up and I sold off parts of her for 28,000 leaving me with a surplus of 21,000 that the council could have dumped in their coffers if they signed.......
    So there ye go...the boat could have been saved for 80.
    cant beleive this was cut up and not put on display 80 :uglystupid2: :tickedoff:

    Apr 12 2011 09:25 PM
    Ay 8L3B , Im sure the steel caison that the one in that bonny photoe replaced,   was the one that was put aboard the BRITANNIA  BF 178 that I was aboard in 1975 , It was put aboard during the big blocade, so we were not able to take part in it . She still visits ARBROATH yet, but i think she has a different caision or deckhouse now... :uglystupid2:
    Seen the Brittania in Arbroath back and fore. She has a different casing on now right enough.
    I think the June Roses original engine (230 gardner) went aboard the Honestas but I am not sure where the last one went (250 gardner) We sold the engine and gearbox to Piries in Fraserburgh and they installed in another boat but I cannot remember which.
    Oor last boat the Shalayna has been decommisioned too but the AH45 number still lives on. Its now aboard a creel boaty in Arbroath.
    Mack....Cheers for yon seine net books, I passed them onto me auld man, he was delighted with them as weel.

    Just to add a wee bit to the 80 story....I was telt by a lad at the harbour that a couple of council officials came doon to the harbour a few months after the June Rose was scrapped.
    They had a budget of 260,000 and wanted to see if they could build a replica of her for that amount.....

    Could have had the real thing for 80 but would rather spend 260,000 on a fake......  :smitten:
    Whether there is any truth in that story am no sure but thats the rumor anyway...
    glad to hear you liked the book the full video was very good as well!!see thir wis a bit  of fooling going on as well!! dont think a boat like that could be built for 260 grand these days, certainly no in wood :smitten: