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    Was this one originally BF registered and then WK  Helmsdale owned before going south???

    bryan DE127
    May 16 2009 09:32 AM
    was in Arbroath 77 and fished very strong at both east and west coasts with the late Sye Smith.
    fished out of eyemouth in 70s skipperd by tom mat (maltman) think he was harbour master when he finished the sea

    Captain v.E.
    May 17 2009 11:49 AM
    ex MFV, built by Martin of Granton.
    Thanks for the info guys Not the one i was looking for
    seen a bit in a lifeboat magazine about a fidelity that ran aground going into port the lifeboat rescued the crew pretty sure she was bf reg cant remember how long ago or if she was wrecked water was deck level in photo.
    used to go out on her when sye smith had her in 1978 she was AH.113 he then got the press on
    this is the FIDELITY that sunk at buckie after hitting rocks near the harbour entrance,
    the late john waddie from nehaven area had her at that time,
    crew all safe,,
    think it sunk not long after sye sold it.

    used to pump it out when sye was away hame at weekends when boat was in lossie for the summer