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bairns pride

bairns pride

    Captain v.E.
    May 17 2009 11:41 AM
    First build from the Gerrards yard?

    young ronnie
    May 17 2009 12:18 PM
    Believe she was,1955? I think she was in Shetland at one point,then St.Minnans(Tom Adam) and then Ronnie McBeath had her as the Dakevron,still with the original 95 in her.Decommed a while back.Looks bonnier painted blue than the green of later years.

    Will taylor
    Mar 07 2011 07:12 PM
    She was a pretty boat. I was at the launch.  She was indeed the first Gerrards build.
    http://www.arbroatht...ders/4521150821  link for arbroath builders.

    bryan DE127
    Mar 07 2011 08:23 PM
    Dave Minles Prosperity at the oil pier.
    think she was decom at c&j marine on the tyne about 12 year ago as the dekavron
    She was kicking about the gut at N/shields for a while when Ronnie had her she had been on fire or some thing.
    had 2 or 3 owners wen in shields think billy was skipper at 1 point

    Captain v.E.
    Mar 07 2011 11:59 PM
    Who is it that does the Arbroath Boatyards webpage? Mack Rill posted a link to it on here.

    Gary Sutherland
    Mar 08 2011 01:32 AM
    Is this the same Bairn's Pride that Jim Campbell owned?