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at the midwater

at the midwater

burtonport boat `ard mhuire D5`in broadhaven bay co.mayo at the herring pic taken from her partner `ard dallan` whilst towing.
(photo courtesy of frank gallagher)

    Cyril Scott
    May 14 2009 10:43 AM
    Good photo Frank   When was that one taken

    May 14 2009 01:19 PM
    not sure cyril -we can`t figure out the exact year-but it`s the late sixties. this photo came from a roll of film found in a friends late fathers house that lay undeveloped for the best part of 40 yrs!-have a few more i`ll stick on.

    Cyril Scott
    May 14 2009 02:21 PM
    Its good to see the photos of the old boats Frank  keep them comeing  O0