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tarbert 60s

tarbert 60s

herring fleet

    Donald "Tom"MacDougall H/Master talking to owner off the Craigweill? Looks like an Aliped in background to the right and Annmarie lying behind DT.
    was that the old ba britannia dan looks like big peter forrad
    Think thats the boat it was. the owner(canny mind his name) had her a few years and then he built a bigger boat along the same lines she used to lie just outside the top lock at Crinan.
    sword i think was the mans name dan .with look o they photos u were away reminissing
    Sword is right bus pass trip to Oban on a nice day.

    young ronnie
    May 14 2009 08:07 PM
    When the old man and I were in Troon working for Radio Scotland in the Summer of 1966 with the wee Bonnie Lass,the Britania was based there,and that man's name rings a bell.Sword was his nickname was it no? I might be wrong,but it's in the back of my mind that he was a director or some kind of employee of ?Western Buses?,was that the name,that had a depot in Kilmarnock.There were a couple of wee angling boats in Troon,Dusky Maid was one of them,who had LW Gardners out of the buses,and the Britania had bus windows in the deckhouse,but how they got them I know not lol.
    aye ronnie u might be right a thought his name was sword a remember her at crinan as dowler says i think maybe the original wheelhouse that came of britannia was put on to florentine cn 74

    young ronnie
    May 14 2009 08:34 PM
    Cannae say I ever heard him called anything other than Sword,and aye assumed that was his by-name...maybe that was his surname lol I can certainly remember the Dusky Maid(?Jimmy? that had her)had a 5LW and a Paragon manual box in her...the box didnae come oot a bus but I'm sure the 5LW did.
    Think his  own name was Sword  Ronnie ,the bigger boat he got built to replace Brittania was built in either Spain or Portugal.
    Just seen this one Ronnie-Dusky maid u were talking about  was owned by Jimmy Wilson he had something to do with the lifeboat (coxswain?). Dusky Maid was a wee zulu type (raking stern with external rudder). Ended up wrecked at Loch Ryan I think. Jimmys last boat was a steel (hullsteel craft type I think) also  called dusky maid and also black!