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BNS Aster - M915

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BNS Aster - M915

BNS Aster - M915seen here leaving Spillars Wharf, Newcastle Upon Tyne (North East England) on 11th June 2007 after paying a courtesy visit together with BNS Stern.

She is a  Tripartite Mine Hunter (CMT)and specifications per the Belgian Navy web site @

Dedicated to mine countermeasures operations:
Sweeping of anchorage mines
Hunting of bottom anchored mines

Special studies have shown the feasibility to construct the hull entirely of "GRP" (Glass Reinforced Polyester) because mine countermeasure vessels should have low magnetic signature and be shock resistant.
The radio equipments are in accordance with Nato requirements.
The airconditioning and the pressurization system ensure a safe passage through an NBC contaminated area.

Radius of action  
3000 nautical miles (at 12 knots)  
Displacement: 560 ton
Length: 51,50 m
Width: 8,96 m
Depth: 3,60 m
Height above the waterline: 18,50 m
Speed: till 15 knots
Fuel: 63 T
Potable water: 14,5 m3
Frigo Rooms: 9 m3  
5 Officers
17 CPO and PO
25 sailors  
Maximum speed  
15 knots  
Surface detection: radar Decca Type RN 1229
Underwater detection: Sonar DUBM 21 B
Minehunting information: Evec 20
Radio navigation: Toran and Syledis
Doppler log and automatic pilot
Mine identification and neutralization equipments:
- Mine clearance divers
- Light mechanical sweeping gear
- 2 PAP (poisson autopropulsť) against bottom mines  
Accessory aparatus  
Deck equipement:
- 1 electric anchorwindlass
- 1 winch for sweeping
- 1 hydro-electric articulated crane
- 2 mechanic stern davits  
Output power  
1 Diesel alternator DAF 180 kW for cruising
3 Gas turbine alternators 250 kW for minehunting operations
A row of batteries 24V to supply power failure of the primary equipments  
A 1370 kW supercharged "Werkspoor RUB 215" V12 diesel drives a 5-blades variable pitch propeller.

2 ACEC active rudders are fitted with fixed pitch propeller, each powered by a 180 kW electrical motor and a exclusively transvers-acting bowpropulsion system "HOLEC" supplements the rudder action during operations.  
2 Guns .50 for the destruction of floating mines
1 X 20mm for anti-air warfare