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    jd mcmillan
    May 12 2009 08:39 AM
    Cracker kev, always thought of trying to get one of a Gannet but could never get the right 1, best picture ave seen for a whiley.

    young ronnie
    May 12 2009 09:38 AM
    Now THAT'S what you call a snapper when it comes to catching fish...just a top notcher. A1 pic Kev,you got him perfectly there..10 oota 10.
    Hi Kev

    Yes that camera is certainly giving some great results  O0


    Steve E.
    this one will have the sy mens mouths watering... O0
    your good kev! thats a cracker

    Adoration II
    May 12 2009 12:52 PM
    hi kevin

    great shot great angle ur the man

    regards the kidd

    May 12 2009 01:03 PM
    cracker kev-top marks!
    A real cracker of a pic. It'll take a guid yin tae beat this. Well done Kev!  O0
    Aye yer good at the birds Kev any other pics ...nudge nudge .. O0

    young ronnie
    May 13 2009 11:15 AM
    I've got some pics of great tits oot on the bird feeder at the back green Robbie,will that do ye ?