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    batsey boy back aboard her the morra.  :idiot2:

    Adoration II
    May 10 2009 06:28 PM
    think its a week on monday dong wooooooooooooooooooooo
    oh ryt i see. jus spoke to him breifly yest mornin you were lingering aboot in bkground ya rascal

    Adoration II
    May 10 2009 06:35 PM
    haha what a nite had a hora laugh dong
    aye it wid o been. usually get a ud nyt up in dale. ill neva experiece 1 again ryt enuf well naw in pub neway. u goin oot this week. alan the yank goin oot for me.

    Adoration II
    May 10 2009 06:42 PM
    i buddy go out 3am prob hope there be somthin in it need few pennies 4 this weekend
    ach all u skippers dnt need pennies uz are neva short o pennies. got bill fa that stag garage for coming to pik car up an u wanna knw how much they wantin

    Adoration II
    May 10 2009 10:16 PM
    heard it was 750 is tat right
    mooooooooooooooooooo O0
    does anyone know much about the shannon? what type of sea boat? and has she been looked after?