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Transcend BCK 75

Transcend  BCK 75

Being launched at Macduff  19th June 1958.


    This must be the original site where the Macduff boats were built, I always thought, where the slip is now was the original slip.


    ross farquhar
    Apr 10 2010 10:27 PM
    is that no where all the woden boat were built jim at the westside o the harbour. the steel boats were built the east side o the harbour.where the slip is nowadays.

    You could weel be right, speir yir Dad, he might remember.


    Dec 28 2010 03:47 PM
    That slip  used to belong to Macduff Boatbuilding&Engineering or Pattersons Macduff  All  wooden boats were built there ; right up to the last one  NEW  DAWN  FR470 ???

    Douglas Paterson
    Dec 29 2010 09:29 AM
    This was Clem Patersons yard and then Watts took it over and moved from Banff harbour. I think that it may have been used by Stephens the boat builders before Patersons started there in the 1930s. Paterson also had the Foundry, their engineering workshop in Crook o Ness Street close to the slip. In the early days there were also shipyards on the Bankhead and Low shore to the East of the current harbour. The shed at the slip for building the steel boats is relatively recent.