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Brilliant Star

Brilliant Star

Taken from Utopia as Doods winds up the turbo to keep up with Paul coming out of Tarbert in the early 80's.  One the best sounds I have heard is standing at the air intake at the back of Utopia when the Volvo's at full tilt.

    Would have been 70s as Brilliant Star still has old wheelhouse,new steel wheelhouse was fitted 1979.

    Had a think about when I took this and the earliest it can possibly be is 1979 as the Golden West was just ready to sail again after being saved and re-engined.  We first met Doods in this year as he wanted to see what we had done to her and Westbob and I started crewing with him that summer, I would ony be a lad of 15 then.

    I started fishing aboard Brilliant Star beggining of 78 and left april 1980 ,was aboard for just over a year when new wheelhouse was fitted before the start the 1979 herring season.