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hunting in a cupboard for an allen key to adjust the neck on my bass guitar i came across this letter which i've no recollection of seeing before, at the time i was 13, it was easter school holidays and i went with my father on the JASMINE CN110 to join the blockade, this is a letter from the Ardrossan Harbour CO. from someone named G R Bayley, addressed to my father J.A.M SHAW.
On behalf of the Ardrossan Harbour CO LTD I hereby intimate that the company hold you liable jointly and severally with the masters and/or owners of other vessels concerned for the loss, damage and expense sustained by the company by reason of the blocking of the port of Ardrossan during the period 31st March to 3rd April, 1975. The total sum involved is conservatively estimated at 12,500. It may be that the company will not pursue the claims hereby intimated in the meantime but their position is fully reserved and you are advised that they may well decide to institute proceedings without further intimation in the event of a repetition of the blocking of the port and that whether or not the vessel of which you are the master and/ or owner is involved in such repetition.

in other words they were threatening all the owners of the boats that if the CFA or whichever body organised the blockade repeated the action my father and all the others would be sued without warning, a kind of we told you once and if you do it again your for it, and you won't see it coming until you get a summons to appear in court, at first i thought it was 12,500 each but it seems it would have been a portion of the sum, forget how many boats were involved as i haven't loaded my pic yet but it might well have been about 600 which was quite a lot of money in 1975

    has this photo been posted on another site before???  looks very familiar??? cant seem to find it now...perhaps it was deleted because it had too many comments posted against it in a short space of time???

    Adoration II
    Oct 25 2008 09:35 AM
    do u not think u caused enough troubl on mr dickaits site wth this gifted 1

    quiet waters
    Oct 26 2008 12:46 AM
    more like the postee, ME!!!!! got banned and all my pics got deleted with it, there were a few comments posted on it and if i remember correctly one or two were less than complimentry about the admin for one reason or another, he did reply to the first ones but when he eventually like all mere mortals realised he couldn't compete with the how shall i say? superior intellect and command of the english language which he held so dear as being the only language spoken(in other words, he asked for proper english, and couldn't cope with it when he got it due to having a brain the size of the lowest form of plankton) he deleted the pic and the comments, thus he thought, saving himself from further ridicule, or so he imagined. lesson being don't get into a war of words with someone who loves using 500 when others might feel 5 would suffice.
    or i could have just said "yes, it was, got deleted" but where is the fun in that for me? 1.44am, what the feck else am i supposed to be doing, sleeping? oh clocks go back at 2am so its only 12.44am, well not really, but in 14 mins it'll be 2am, but really 1am, i lost you halfway thru that, didn't i?