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isa brd362

isa brd362

old ringer lying in avoch 2000 anybody know anything about her

    # Year of Construction :  1947
    # Place of Construction :  TEWKESBURY
    # LOA :  15.24

    Unregistered 17/06/1991.


    Steve E.
    hi steve thanks for ur information
    No problem, there is mention on a photograph I have seen on Flickr that the boat is currently under conversion.


    Steve E.

    Kevin Munro
    May 08 2009 11:49 AM
    Heres a link to the Flickr page, theres a whole gallery of photos...

    Hi Kev

    Good to see a well documented conversion  :idiot2:


    Steve E.
    she fished out of applecross for about 50 years with the camerons before being sold over east (avoch), they're still fishing prawns and stuff (the camerons, sons of the original).
    it's more a destruction at the moment as i clear out the unnecessary!  but not going backwards is almost the same as moving forwards isn't it?


    the current caretaker!
    hi alister thanks for the information it was a friend of mine that took picture 2000 he thought she was an old ringer .he was at ring net himself on evelyntt58 use to know some o the boys up that way many yrs ago
    Whats the latest on this one !? Very interesting flicker pictures!!- major dirty work being done.
    All the best with her!

    Will taylor
    Jan 24 2012 10:09 PM
    You're obviously on top of it Alistair.  It'll be well worth your efforts.