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Whitehills 1965

Whitehills 1965

Taken 1965 66 ish by my Dad while collecting heads for K2.

    Thats Whitehills Alan  :idiot2:
    Thanks  for the correction will change picture have a whole series but do not know the harbours in that area that well.

    Its a pity you cant get the photo bigger Alan, its hard to see the boats numbers. You upload the photos and we will keep you right with the harbours  :idiot2:
    Ally will try to get bigger images onto site but having difficulty uploading if any bigger the site seems to crash even at 404kb
    Thats strange, it shouldnt do that, most of the photos i upload are anything from 350 to 450kb and i've no had that problem.
    Looking at the original BF206 is stern on along with BF4

    BF 206 was the Guiding Star, BF 235 was the Emblum. Cracking photo Alan and it looks better bigger  :idiot2:
    Ally was a problem with the picture format on original try looking closer now! :idiot2:
    cracking pic that one, wonder if the panser is in among them
    Looks like the Golden Gleam  BF 5 lying inside the Guiding Star.