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  • Uploaded: Oct 24 2008 04:12 PM
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  • Category: Arbroath (AH)

    Oct 24 2008 04:13 PM
    Gearworked Sunks? u mean she sunk?
    Nah JoRdan its a local name for pots

    Oct 24 2008 04:16 PM
    Joedan ma new name then?  :- lol i am Jordan
    I did not know it was a local name Alan, I just thought everyone else did not know the right name.

    bryan DE127
    Oct 24 2008 04:28 PM
    Ian he has got him self involved with arbroath men so its joedan.
    Is this Joedan any relation to the one on the telly we the rather large chest.

    bryan DE127
    Oct 24 2008 04:35 PM
    i think you would have more FUN with her than with joerdan.
    Ah well the smallest boats gettin the most Views
    I had better watch what I say on here or the Carsnotie Mafia will be after me lol