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Boy Darren CY190

Boy Darren CY190

Boy Darren just off the slip in Stornoway after a repaint. Has also just been renamed, she was the Sharon Rose SY190 before.

    was going to say iain looks like the old spindrift
    was aboard her when awaiting on the wee boat fine nobles build

    Iain Maciver SY
    May 03 2009 04:55 PM
    She's a cracking boat, all the machinery aboard is only a few years old, she also had new hydraulics fitted which run off an auxilliary engine too.
    cabin is a wee bit low but she is a good sea boat the equipment that was on her when i was there was ok for the job but can imagine the guys that have had her will have renewed some of it if not most of it

    Iain Maciver SY
    May 03 2009 05:03 PM
    The guy that had her here in SY put her to Macduff about 5 years ago for a big refit, she got a new crane, new 3 barrel winch, and new netdrums which were taken off a while after. I think the engine is new too, if it aint new its been reconditioned. New aft mast and fibreglass shelter were also added. A lot of money's worth!!

    May 03 2009 05:45 PM
    there seems to be lots of boats going to barra waters these days are barratlantic the owners?