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Xmas Rose FR.531.

Xmas Rose  FR.531.

Xmas Rose  FR.531.  Built Sandhaven  for  Jock Sauch

    Will taylor
    Mar 25 2010 12:53 AM
    I was led to believe that Forbes boats were launched complete and ready for sea trials. I assume this is a Forbes build.
    Would appreciate comments.
    Most  work  was  done  in  boatyard,but  they  also  got  work  done  pier side  if   the  yard  was  needing  the  stocks  for  another  boat, n'  i  would  imagine  they  were  pretty  busy  building  motor  boats  after  the  war,even  in  the  1960.s  the  boats  had  footery  jobs  to  be  done  after launch O0

    Will taylor
    Mar 25 2010 02:01 AM
    Thanks for clearing that one. O0