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Girvan c.1975

Girvan  c.1975

Somewhere  canna'  mind  it  wiz  1974/5

    king pin R018
    Apr 30 2009 10:47 PM
    defo girvan that  :) :) :) :)
    Ok  was scanned  awfo  a  slide  I  hae ta. for  confi :Drmation.
    Christ am seein things KP nivir got a ta aff the auld fla once when we worked the gether , mair likely move yer erse dee it ess wy  :whistle:
    Atz  coz  Iwiz  iee  richt.[u]sonny, in  fitz  mair  ye've  jist  teen  i  hump  coz  I  winna  gie  ye  ony  mair  picterz    WAHOOOOOOOOOO
    dinna need your   :) mines are better , is at the slides yi were tellin ma aboot last wick ,
    Last wick  is  spelt WIK  am  awa  t  bed  wer  aff  t  Broch  morns  efterneen.. :) :) :) :)
    Nearest tier:- Elm Grove? no sure about winch. Outside her is I think LH181, Tom Rodger skippered her then Geordie Armstrong, canny mind her name but someone will. Katie Jo outside.
    Middle tier :- inside boat havenae a clue, Avail Bf 52, Avail BA97 Silver Lining BA158. Think outside boat might be Invader but no sure...  Could it be one Jackie Johnson had? Looks like dhans on quarter.
    Next tier down Aliped ix? Erica BA73 outside her.
    Who can fill in the blanks?
    maybe inside boat middle row is Jerrys Sata Maria/Virgo, i know he changed the name but i dont remember what to
    Nah, that's the Golden Venture, used ma magnifying glass. Don't really remember her wheelhoose being two colours.
    That's Jackie Johson beside green car............   Either big Anvil or me talkin' tae him.
    Something makes me think that the ootside boat middle tier is the one he went to the gill nets in.
    Cannae remember her name though. Could that be Rab McLean jumpin' ower John Spiers's foredeck?