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Sapphire SY108

Sapphire SY108

Sapphire on the slip in Stornoway for a lick of paint.

    k.r macleod stornoway

    Barry McCrindle
    Jan 13 2011 01:32 PM
    From the BBC news


    Trawler sinks after collision off Lewis

    The Sapphire sunk within 10 minutes of the collision
    A fishing boat has sunk after a collision at sea about three miles off the coast of Lewis in the Western Isles.

    Stornoway Coastguard said the Sapphire, a 15 metre-long trawler, had collided with another fishing vessel, the Silver Chord, at about 1830 GMT.

    No-one was injured in the collision off the coast of Bayble on Lewis.

    The Sapphire sank within 10 minutes but the one person on board managed to get on to the other vessel.

    A spokesman for Stornoway Coastguard said: "A helicopter and Stornoway lifeboat were sent out. The lifeboat put a pump onboard the Silver Chord, which was damaged in the collision. It had a crew of three.

    "The vessel was safely back at Stornoway harbour by 2030 GMT.

    "The Stornoway Coastguard pump has now been put onboard and will stay on the vessel overnight."

    Steve Ellwood
    Jan 13 2011 01:50 PM
    Wonder why only one person onboard her?



    bryan DE127
    Jan 13 2011 04:53 PM
    Built Gerrard early 70s as Lodestar AH44 was a top boat from AH for a long time at the bobbins and in the 80s white fish pair.
    was the hellann in mallaig till 90/91 then spes bona 3 moved to cn  john galbraith sher..... then ireland as sapphire to now
    come on  jammy spell the full name no just the SHer.....................lol
    the gull sher sha hoolie
    could no spell it at all murray
    only one person aboard, and he surely wasn.t where he was supposed to be, IN THE WHEELHOUSE?;)?;)??