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Honeybourne entering Scarborough in a northerly gale

    I see she is in Macduff for a refit and tipping doors.
    not a nice place to run into on a shitty day >:(
    It looks a poor enough day in that picture and i think they were in out the sea at that point.
    Would say Big Geordie has seen more bad weather Than "SOMEONE" has dreamt aboot O0 O0 >:( >:( >:(
    we got the calm before the storm i think but we'll be alreet I got an ex Hull deapsea trawlerman aboard says they made a fortune in 70's and 80's but had a lot of useless greenhorns back then that couldnae cut it wae a sharp knife so as i said we'll be alreet for a MUPPET  bein the Master ..........did u get a few this week >:( >:(
    am ANIMAL  so you must be FOZZIE BEAR  should we let HB be MISS PIGGY nah disnae suit and Kermits too thin....lol

    Couldnae care if am a Muppet tae some folk better a Muppet than a DREAMER >:( >:( >:(
    and a home comin queen

    could o been the Geordies but Ive heard u sing bit tone deaf if i mind rite >:( >:(

    but Callum was good on the guitar >:( O0
    dowt tht think the eggs will be laid first >:( >:( >:(  and theyll be a few poopy scoopy bags used
    was thinkin on becomin a government photographer sounds a good job better thn this >:( >:( O0 O0 >:(
    all talk nae action means? >:( >:( wht was it again

    it wisnae trawlerman or greenland or iceland it wis i'll go to bed and DREAM aboot it and let u ken the morra ma MUPPET brain is tired  O0 :P  O0 :P >:(

    was it the RED SNAPPER

    Nah wisnae that he wis fae Manchester or was it Liverpool
    was it black and white???/ :P