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Fame. INS..

Fame. INS..


    Freedom?, Hercules??, Strathnairn & Nordzee all lying ahead of the Fame.
    thats a good photo of the fame williemin, my late father inlaw is the one in the white t-shirt have you got anymore like this?
    can also see the June Rose ( wi white wheelhouse) in background
    I remember afew moray firth seiners in ayr fame, vernal, alkaid etc. Alkaid now the Rhodanna.
    The Fame was INS 56.

    This was taken just before the Nordzee was re engined, the Kromhout taken out a Cat put in and then the Kromhout put in the Golden West, I put photo's of that engine on last week. Mat Currie always did want the Kromhout back. No chance.


    Jul 24 2009 10:24 PM
    Great to see the old Boardley boxes the things you could fix with them an old chap in ardrossan showed me his kitchen unit doors opened up and there was boardleys name onthe inside !!! all from the shore !! last in to land got all the brokers a handfull of nails and no bed the 1st haul . . . .
    we had a set of dominoes made out of a wooden box  :D :D :D
    surely not you are not that old
    i heard you are a young chick