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Wyre Majestic

Wyre Majestic

    Gary Sutherland
    Apr 21 2009 08:26 PM
    That'll be the Wyre Majestic, won't it?

    Not very much left of her now.

    young ronnie
    Apr 21 2009 09:15 PM
    It is indeed the Wyre Majestic of Fleetwood.Think she was on passage back to FD and was in Oban that day.Left in the late afternoon and if memory serves,it was the Bosun who was on watch when she went ashore.Never realised she was as far gone as that,but I suppose 35 years of wind,waves and salvage have taken their toll.
    Used to see her every day on my way to school.Makes me feel old looking at her now.


    Adoration II
    Apr 22 2009 05:00 AM
    my old fla told me years ago about her just couldnt mind easy now jura how can u feel old oot there way the shorts and tshirt on surrounded by yonug fit ladies  :) :) :) :) new u would ken her yr  :) :)
    i remember bein told there was a few fleetwood trawlers going doon the sound that day were they not racing each other or something like that and not paying attention how close they were to the shore or something like that and he went ashore
    From ISLAY WEBLOG @ http://blog.islayinf..._majestic_islay

    'Unable to get berths in the busy port of Oban, Wyre Majestic and Wyre Defence decided to steam for Fleetwood to land their catch. Wyre Defence pulled ahead of the Majestic Majestic's skipper was in his bunk and the bosun at the wheel as she seemed to move to the starboard side of her sister ship and would appear to have held a south west by south course for too long......'

    Another story here about her being in collision with an Ice Berg:


    If anyone is interested in reading through old White Fish Authority test reports - see this link for some trails done on pair trawling (Mid-Water Pair Trawling Trials) involving both vessels:



    Steve E.