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hero`s all.

hero`s all.

a fitting first photo for this gallery-servicemen from all branches of the services lost at sea of the donegal coast.ww2. buried in local graveyard,on cruit island,kincasslagh co. donegal.
merchant navy,royal navy,army and airforce. some husbands and fathers all somebody`s son one only seventeen and some known unto god.
  we can thank god for men like this that gave everything for the freedom and liberty we very much take for granted-lest we forget?

    young ronnie
    Oct 23 2008 04:21 AM
    A poignant reminder of the many who gave up their to-day that we might have a to-morrow.A thought provoking photograph Frank,and a very eloquent description of it too....we owe so much to each and every one of them.

    Oct 23 2008 10:48 AM
    beside the headstone on the left hand side is a low grey stone. local history has it that this was a spanish armada army captain that was murdered by his own men aboard the `san nicolas`that anchored with part of the armada fleet in kincasslagh harbour. at the mouth of the harbour is bullig nicolas (nicolas rock)where she anchored. the body was found in the sixties in the sand pit in cruit while excavating sand-local legend had it that this is where the body came in and was buried-it was dated as a 400 year old skeleton-verifiying the local history.
      a friend of mine who is in the western front assosciation who goes round the graves each year with the crucifix with the poppy on-always gives the armada captain a poppy as well.
    On this weekend of Remembrance , this is a fitting tribute by our member and a fellow Donegal man . I myself and a friend Jim Gallagher from the Irish Defence Forces visited Magheragallon cemetary and placed some poppy crosses on graves there some years ago. It is a tribute to the people from this area that these never to be forgotten sevicemen,s last resting place be kept in such immaculate condition . Frankie . i consider you a true friend. May their souls Rest in Peace .[img][/img]Posted Image

    Nov 08 2008 01:58 PM
    as a burial site john, cruit graveyard is known to be in use for at least a thousand years.my family rest here and being an indigenous family probably have done since it`s first use as a burial site.even in the darkest days of the troubles it was always regarded by the people here as a privelege that these men rest with our people.
       will be a few good programs on this week on rte john about the irish in ww1