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Aquila OB 74

Aquila  OB 74

    i hear shes sold now heading south
    sold 9/4/09 according to fafb
    Some great shots of her being built - Parkol site @

    Anyone know how far South she is coming  O0


    Steve E.
    hoping for a photo steve? O0
    Hi Steve
    shes been bought by the guy who owns the edward henry think his names somthing mitchellmore if i remember right O0

    ross farquhar
    Apr 13 2009 03:40 PM
    heard she been bought by rick mitchilmore that has the edward hendry and the william henry.

    ross farquhar
    Apr 13 2009 03:43 PM
    think we sent the same comment at the same time there rebal lady lol O0 O0
    aye great minds and all that eh Nice looking boat she fished up round here for a while think she was at the prawns before she sold
    hoping for a photo steve?

    Whey aye man  O0


    Steve E.
    Hi Rebel Lady and Ross

    So its bound for "Devon-ish" then  O0


    Steve E.