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A Sunday sail

A Sunday sail

A wee sail out to the back of Kerrera around 1987 on the Kathryn Jane,daughter in command me observing.

    I've built my bairn a wooden box to stand on see he can see out the window when he takes the wheel!

    young ronnie
    Oct 22 2008 11:05 PM
    That cupboard under the wheel, where the fuse boxes lived, was just a perfect hight for her standing on,and she had great fun stamping on the throttle with her right foot (you can see it at the bottom right of the pic..it's almost horizontal) That's an 8LX Gardner going to the neck....the bloody boat was nearly coming out the water and she thought this was the best fun ever !!
    the young un (a lad!) loves it. faster the better and the rougher the better for him.

    the wee fun boat we used to trail up to the west coast....  15' seahog with a 50hp mariner on the back... several times the little bugger has nearly pitched me over the back by wellying the throttle wide open