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Picnic sail

Picnic sail

Out for a Sunday sail and a picnic in 1987 on the Kathryn Jane LH 269. My daughter on the foredeck eating all the chockkie biccies on the boat.

    What a bonny lassie, she musta got her looks from her mum then  ???

    young ronnie
    Feb 07 2010 06:22 PM
    She got all my good points and all Sandra's bad ones,but thankfully didnae take her looks off me ???
    I was just about to say who's that hunk in the wheelhouse ha ha ha !  :whistle: :whistle: ???
    Awwwww....even the teddybear went to sea !!!
    What is it with you and teddies Ronnie ???????  ???
    Now don't be blaming the wee one...WE KNOW IT WAS YOU !!!  :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
    The wee one cannae be much older than my wee one then lol....Ash is 20 later this year...but her mother is still too young looking to be 42 ha ha....not that I am anything like that age...I wish lol
    Aye 42 in years but not in anything else you understand lol  :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
    I started going backwards when I reached 40...so that makes me same age as LG lol..... ???

    young ronnie
    Feb 07 2010 07:18 PM
    That "wee one" is 30 in May Debra...how time flies right enough...she hasnae grown much mind you,took her maw's height I'm afraid(short arse!!)
    Aye lol...mine took mine....tall arse ha ha ha  :whistle: :whistle:  aye and she's a cracker too but she's a wee madam !
    Her mother is the quiet one ha ha ha....and you know what they say aboot them lol !
    If I could upload an image onto this post you'd see yourself...have a look on my facebook and you'll see the "wee one" ha ha...she could easily be Miss Scotland !
    Nae use this getting older shite...but you know what they say about a woman in her prime ha ha ha  :whistle:
    Aye and you lot "mature" with age eh ha ha ha  ??? ??? ???