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    The 2nd Whitehills Beryl    The first one was BF 218 which was ex Genista WK327 from Helmsdale.

    young ronnie
    Apr 11 2009 07:27 PM
    She was in Campbeltown for a wee while after the Mitchells got the new Beryl (now the Andrias N 470)built. That was maybe about 1966 or 67, then Campbell Reid(sk.),Charlie Main and Alec Smith took her to Oban as OB 200 around 1968.She was sold in the 70s and converted and is still on the go as far as I know.

    johntar tt10
    Apr 12 2009 01:38 PM
    Your right enough Ronnie, Cecil Finn had her on hire while waiting for the steel Gleaner being built on the Thames

    Cyril Scott
    Apr 12 2009 02:08 PM
    Good old photo Bertie  The last time I saw her was in Oban when Campbell Reid had her

    young ronnie
    Apr 12 2009 02:17 PM
    Never knew that Cecil had her on hire John,I thought she was bought into the Toon.Wee Campbell fished away no bad with her.Was at the sprats wi' him and Big Ian MacDonald fae Tobs with the Fair Maid,when the old man had the Kittiwake.Ye've heard o' the big 5 ??...well we were the wee 3 O0 We were out at Tiree at one stage trying the herring when the big 5 were there...we could hardly steam ower their heids when they were towing the speed they were going,never mind catch anything O0 If I mind right,what we got for the tow we split atween the three boats for a breakfast...They're gaun tae the neck wi' 660 Blackstones and 86 footers and we've got a 76,a 95 and a 120 Kelvin and three auld plugs and wondering how we got feck all O0
    HI Cyril ,Mitchell took a lot o fish in that boat .Thats Jim Napier aftmost used to have the Christmas Rose took her doon to Ayr and stayed there.  Didna ken Cecil had her a while.

    Cyril Scott
    Apr 13 2009 10:15 AM
    I didna ken either Bertie that Cecil had the Beryl for a while  It must have been a few years ago as I have never heard him mention her  I spoke to him a couple of weeks ago and he said he would like to get up to Lossie this year for the fishermens bowling competition if all goes well
    hi folks intereting to see your posts
    i reckon same boat i own now
    she has been converted and some pictures can be seen on Ebay item no: 260389384820
    i have beentrying o get as much info as possible but have to sell her now and downsize as my mate who looks after her in my abscence has had 2 strokes and eye operations and cant walk very far now.
    i had loads of plans for her but oh well neeeds must.
    she is loads of fun with the lovely sounding kelvin thumping away at 650 revs.

    i welcome any more info on her and a positive ID if anyone can say this is definately her

    Aye Cyril I spoke to Tommy last year telt me aboot his mum and said his dad widna be up.                              we,ll be up so youll ken in case I dinna see you  to pit in wir name.