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seeking history

seeking history

bought this converted but dont know her history can anyone help
would love pictures of her at fishing

    saw this for sale last year, and on ebay a few times, was on our list to have a look at but but bought 30 tons of soggy wood instead
    If she has original framing round hold hatch you could see if there is a number carved in there (small ship registeration no) I think this was quite often done. Nice lookin wee boat conversion disnae spoil her unlike many! possibly a millers of stmonans this one ( I  await correction!!). :)

    young ronnie
    Apr 19 2009 07:31 PM
    Defo not St.Minnans,she was built in either Banff or Macduff in 1947 or thereabouts for the Mitchells in Macduff.

    Mike Craine
    Feb 21 2010 07:02 PM
    There was a Beryl BF106 owned by James Mitchell, Whitehills which later became OB200. Her call sign was GOIF which stays with the boat normally. Hope this helps.