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NE Coast 1965 or 66

NE Coast 1965 or 66

Picture taken by my Dad in the NE while getting new heads for his K2 in the Ex Vine A55, a 40Ft Zulu. I will leave the boats names to those more in the know.

    Hi Allan are you sure that is Banff Harbour as it is now a yacht marina
    Not sure where it is taken but it is in that area taken in the 60's.  Was hoping you guys could add more info.

    { Lowflier }
    Apr 07 2009 09:59 PM
    i think it`s Lossiemouth
    A lot of INS numbers definately further along the coast and as lowflier says Lossie would be my guess
    Good photo and its defo Lossiemouth. INS 128 Corn Rig nearsit the peir, INS 142 is the Osprey, INS 43 is the Thrive, no sure of the others but i'm sure some of the Lossie members will know them  O0
    Osprey was built in Wick as Ocean Swell WK23 for William Bain www.wkboats.co.uk has her details ..and also that of a 40ft boat called the Vine WK412 which was sold to Stonehaven in 1955 from Lybster
    Had a close look at the Vine on the suggested site and she does appear to be my dads boat.  She was sunk on Davaar Island around 1960.

    Alan :idiot2: