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batesy boy and slant

batesy boy and slant

bates and slant taking a break

    aaaaah the good old days..... O0

    Gary Sutherland
    Apr 07 2009 04:21 PM
    Working hard there, Scott!  O0
    had 2 work xtra hard as dong was alway's in the wheelhouse watchn and learning frm his auld fla O0

    DCI paterson
    Apr 07 2009 05:54 PM
    easy bates,mare likely to be down wae the covers round the top of his head
    now now pogo u were very fond o the locker wi ur big shirt wrapped roon u snoring like a galute.  :whistle:

    DCI paterson
    Apr 07 2009 09:13 PM
    i,dae yeh think i could sleep wae peter smellin like a sh*thoose across fae me.your jeest ooooooh the nicht dongatella.
    Oh big smelly bastard he woz ryt enuf! Shitty day agen 2day. Jus lying up west loch no boats ave moved!
    come on now shneider get ursel oot that bunk.....
    : oh am owt ma bunk naw get a lie dwn in gigha sound nonsense a fuk. tickedoff:
    aye aye jimms,gigha sound eh..yuk! fingal missed bus last nite O0  poor cast for 2moro so just tel tait tae get up tht loch O0