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Maranatha UL77

Maranatha UL77

Maranatha UL77 stern-on to the quay at Kinlochbervie.

#  Country Code : GBR - United Kingdom
# Registration Number :  77
# External Marking :  UL77
# Vessel Name :  MARANATHA
# Port Code :  UL - ULLAPOOL
# Entry Service Year :  2001
# License Indicator :  Y  - Yes
Technical Information
# IRCS Indicator :  Y  - Yes
# VMS Indicator :  Y  - Yes
# LOA :  19.92
# Tonnage GT :  168.00 T
# Main Power :  446.00
# Main Gear type :  OTB  - Bottom otter trawls
# Hull material code :  2 - Metal
# Year of Construction :  2000
# Place of Construction :  NAVIA

    good photos ambriel,these the same ones u have on flickr?
    Mind this one being on a tv program about city boys going to sea ,een o them had clothes pegs on his nose when in the fish handling area out of the three think one stayed at sea
    that was gavin thain on the challenge cuzz britains toughest jobs

    Gary Sutherland
    Apr 04 2009 08:36 PM
    Pretty much. Thought I'd put a few of the recent ones on here, too.
    good i seen some of your photos of campbeltown on flickr,liked the one were the adoration is dwarfed by the bbc england
    Aye cuzz noo yi come ti say it ,nae affin am richt  but am rang again an ma faither will say so as weel ,mind you he is i same as me :whistle:

    Gary Sutherland
    Apr 04 2009 09:54 PM
    Yes, some of those big BBC ships are pretty huge.

    Hopefully they'll carry on visiting Campbeltown now it looks like the windmill factory has been saved.
    yeah hopefully althought there hasn't been a ship came in for towers lately although steel has still being coming in
    the storage yard at troon outside the old ailsa shipyard is up for let where they used to keep the sections of tower and blades for the wind generators