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Speyside A4

Speyside A4

Speyside A4 then became Jasper PD 174

    Also New Dawn INS800
    a right watery baŁ$%rd that aft a bet on a poor night

    king pin R018
    Mar 18 2009 10:59 PM
    i she is much more built in at the stern now better lookin aswell ;D :woodenspoon:
    last time seen her was in the dry dock  ;) ;) ;)
    Who had her as the Speyside?
    Simpsons of Buckie had her at one point not sure under which name

    Stevie Stem Shots
    Mar 26 2009 11:57 AM
    think she was still called SPEYSIDE when the Simpsons had her.
    I thought it was James right enough. What was the boat they had after that? Swedish built as I recall, Ambassador? I remember his father (name escapes me )come up to Scrabster for them one night and had dyed his hair. It was hypnotic, EVERYONE was looking at him but no-one said a word. We were all trying to keep a straight face. Both James and his old man were always good for a yarn. I remember his father stopping the car in the middle of the street in Buckie on a Saturday afternoon  because he saw me walking by. Then George from Ocean Hunter/Rambling Rose stopped, coming the other way because he saw me too. The whole place came to a standstill. A first for a Fishery Officer I'm sure. Two great guys for great yarns.